euphonic is a five piece Boston based band.

we wrote bios a couple months ago.

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Brian K. McGuire

dayton, ohio (taurus)

bass (ibanez sr400)

nickname(s): b

Joined euphonic in October 1996 after coming to Boston to go to school. Formerly played with Broken Nova in Dova, NH. Also formerly drummed. Big Dipper constellation formed by freckles on right forearm.

first song learned: “with or without you” (U2)

first concert: living color (with urban dance squad)

favorite color: green

why i am in euphonic: to be invited to Doug’s parties


Doug Marttila

detroit, michigan (capricorn)

keys (kurzweil k2500)

nickname(s): doug

see ted

first song learned: hey mr. jones

first concert: the who tommy (the orpheum, boston)

favorite color: mauve

why i am in euphonic: drunken bet


Patrick Nelson

jacksonville, north carolina (taurus)

vocals (shure 18000)

nickname(s): p-dawg

in summer of 1996 answered ad in the phoenix requesting a male frontman of amazing capabilities. i ,of course, fit the bill. worked with three songs until we met B and then everything gelled. came from a ct band called grieving thieves (and sometimes diesel booth). can also do that thing with your tounge where you make a fold in it.

first song learned: "looks that kill" (motley crue)

first concert: inxs (fall of '87)

favorite color: purple

why i am in euphonic: because our first postcard for a show talked about a colonic and i knew it was the band for me.


Scott Rogers

boston, massachusetts (cancer)

drums (pearl masters' custom)

nickname(s): el supermercado

joined euphonic sometime last year, thus becoming the second drummer. formerly played with emma-o. currently also plays with karen harris and edith, and the pineapple ranch hands. teaches marching band to wakefield high kids. knows of the rebellion against the empire.

first song learned: "18" (alice cooper)

first concert: buffalo tom

favorite color: blue

why i am in euphonic: no more questions.


Ted Pyne

boston, massachusetts (virgo)

guitar (fender stratocaster), backing vocals

nickname(s): t-licious, teddy bingo

in 1995 decided with Doug to turn two-person electronic noodling into much louder five-person electronic noodling. played with Doug in the pies. hit upon name euphonic after discovering "ride" was taken.

first song learned: greensleeves

first concert: j. geils band at boston garden (r.i.p.)

favorite color: shiny

why i am in euphonic: impossible to justify enormous gear expenditure for "hobby"