all songs copyright euphonic, 1999


beautiful song


this a beautiful song

about a beautiful band

who lives in a beautiful house

with beautiful pets

many beautiful records

on their beautiful stereo

fill their beautiful kitchen

with beautiful sounds

many beautiful gadgets

fill their beautiful drawers

and the beautiful fixtures

with handsome gold plating

and the beautiful vcr

inside a beautiful tape

and the beautiful frames

on a beautiful mantel

sport beautiful pictures

this is a beautiful song


music: McGuire, Pyne, Marttila; lyrics: Nelson



disco for maggie


letís come unstuck from time

to make a better day of living

the years have been kind

to what the better half is digging

as her green eyes goggle

behind their great round shades

through a plastic drape of beads

sheíll browse dim old shops all day

for a style that never fades

sheíll browse dim old shops all day

her red heels flap in flip-flops

letís go disco dancing maggie

for real with more appeal

cheap old stuff all the post-hoc rage

the mind climbs up from the real

sheís got no job to juggle

with her rave routine

views the drastic snake of need

as a circle feeding days for free

a style that never fades

flicks the wrist, compounds dismay

her red heels bounce all day


music: euphonic; lyrics: McGuire



groovy t


thereís a line around the corner

Iím gonna listen to the man speak

I can feel the vibrations of the engines of prosperity

hieratic emanations from the pillars of the community

his net worth is estimated

in the pages of Forbes magazine

his Colorado ranch is gated

while his townhouse has been seen

in the pages of Architectural Digest

everybody wants to know

what is it like, what are you thinking

what do you drive, what are you drinking

what are your taxes, what do we do

we work at forgetting that we are not you

all the breathless reporters

rolling on the corporate lawn

all the purposeful recent college graduates

streaming up the elevator banks to spawn

all the workaholic captains of industry

all the workaholic husbands and fathers

all the workaholic recent divorcées

all the workaholic powerful men


music & lyrics: Pyne





elementary dear dream

flew high as a billion dollar jet of research alloy

I watched cities become one

vast connection of metal and flesh, buildings and phones

they closed the schools that day

every child studied economics at home

the pace of all people

one step ahead of U.S. holmes

then I had a dream of Cincinnati

which too had become one with other cities

a great gash opened in the sky

and the yolk sun dribbled melting ooze

onto the red-nosed men on the high royal hill

and they jigged like fools

the red-nosed men on the high royal hill

are coming to conclusions

but they must not write one tasty page of this story


music & lyrics: McGuire



hyper c


I can recall sweet endless dreams

when my mind slides shut like a tortoise

ones like you writing a story

of a man belly-up in his room

all quadrilateral mazes of moonlight

his concrete pulse lub-dubs

feeds into time-bomb head

this is a reflex

muted voices, sounds dissolving

background process, still revolving

and out through the window the street is alive

with a shudder and slide

mind open wide

exit to hyper c

heís fed from all neat endless seams

back now, forth now, open and yielding

at an edge, up to a mirror

made to span the infinite zoom


music: McGuire & Pyne; lyrics: McGuire & Pyne





I might be the one who leaves you when youíre down

I could be the one who always comes around

you are the one who always will elevate

I donít know how to fit in

I donít know where to begin

I might be the one who leaves you when youíre down

I canít predict how this will be how or when

we live in a state of pressing mortality

for this one to be

I will be this one

for this one to believe

breathless and blue-eyed you wait for the morning

breathless and blue-eyed you wait for the sun

breathless and blue-eyed

you wait for the sun

you wait for the one

I wait Iíll wait I will wait

I canít be this one to believe

for this one to believe


music: Nelson & Pyne; lyrics: Nelson





i. plus good


friends, consider the preposterosity

of exponential increase in the sum of absence

creating a unique face, which presents

a maximum bulge to space

revealing less in a condition

of inoperable hyphenation

would but couldnít plus could

but shouldnít plus should

plus good always would plus good

two patterns converge

in a pseudonymic curve

the simpletonís manic drawl

pins the mime behind a wall

never was prepared for residual flush

of the world as flying round stuff

good plus good elliptical good

plus transmitted good plus

enigmatic good considered good

plus implanted good plus industrial good

homogenous good vs. actual good

plus incorruptible good, etc.


music: euphonic; lyrics: McGuire



ii. millennium hooch


man is a blip to the space man

tall at the spiritual door

matter thrilled man

with tendrils of vacuum

cosmic zaps at the teeth

kind, euphonic and sweet

man runs a throttle

high for more height

half to gauge the mind shift

half to break off brittle wings

swallow the afterimage

slender up his sleeve

space man seems formless bliss

with armor of light

he makes friends of us all

in go between places

the causal connection

is a specter in the bingo hall

freest man of the rendered earth

wears a space suit

lined with millennium hooch

and disturbs the universe

music: euphonic; lyrics: mcGuire



iii. chilling enhances flavor


one million people alive today will never die


music: Marttila



alfredo codoña


alfredo codoña climbs

up to the top of the rigging

underneath the lights and the canvas

he stands stock still

a tense collective inhalation

synchronizes every gaze

a hundred imaginary radial wires

reach out to every upturned face

you canít hear

the susurration of the wires in the wind

until youíre risking life and limb

I have a picture of the great codoña

by the side of a two lane road

itís black and white

it would have to be

the sky is cloudless under telephone wires

you know that heís about to fly

sabado gigante

dynamatic hydraflow

toastless smokeless

I need one for here

I need one to go


music: euphonic; lyrics: Pyne





the doctor will see you shortly

have a seat in our waiting room

amuse yourself with one of our magazines

sing along to the soothing tune

do you really want to know the future?

do you want to make your life reaction?

you play the odds and pretty soon the odds play you

there it is: your future laid out

the camera can peer inside you

hold on youíll see

startling white striations

just as you will someday be


music: euphonic; lyrics: Pyne





Iíll take care of it, she said

under a lead covered sky

we have talked this over

it is worth a try

here is the myth of the golden age:


imagine you and I set down

sudden on a verdant isle new and unchanging as the day

I would want to walk around

I would need to get away

this is a blanket of authority and fear

this is a way to keep control

this is no message we are trying to remember

this is something we are told


music & lyrics: Pyne

Pray, copyright 1995, Ted Pyne