New props from Brazil - he works in radio, so he makes the press page:

I'm from Brazil and taste very of The Euphonic. I try to find more musics of the band in the InterNet but I do not obtain, therefore I ask for you, will be possible, a cd or some material related to the band because also I do not obtain to find nothing for sale here in Brazil. Work in a radio and would very like to play singles of the band. I would be very grateful with this. Many Thanks. I'm sorry for the bad English.

- Leonardo Lucca

From our story in the June edition of New England Performer (pick it up today):

Alan Levesque (editor in chief) wrote in the magazine's intro,"these guys (euphonic) are writing rock with the future in mind. Check 'em out if you can - you won't be dissappointed."

some quotes from the article:

"Euphonic is stretching the boundaries of electronic rock with their stunning debut disc Ultra Soigne."

"a welcome departure from the ocean of one-hit mediocrity."

"Euphonic's creativity comes through, and they create their unique sound with clarity and confidence."

"Ultra Soigne is a tight, professional collection of songs that highlights the band's versatility and songwriting talent. The opening riffs to 'Groovy T' and 'Hyper C' could start a mosh pit in a supermarket, and the U2-ish 'Beautiful Song' uses a swirling collage of sounds to support the simple, memorable vocals."


Juanita of WBCN said this about our cd, "I love the new EP, it's the best thing I've heard in a long time."

We were descibed by NEMO as,"Razor sharp electronic vibes cut through angular groove-filled guitar playing and thick rock rhythms. It's where keyboards and guitar jive together to become one electrifying crytalline wall of sound, with primal drumming and bass to give the overall sound its absolute modernized rock edge."

The Weekly Week described us as,"Part Morphine, part Soul Coughing, part their own crazy selves, euphonic plays electronic influenced rock, a style of music all the kids are just wild about these days."

Mass Media (UMASS Boston Paper) said,"Soul Coughing-esque with intelligent, creative sampling, grooving bass and excellent, crafted guitar that rocks into a tight sound of the future. The repertoire is diverse and will surprise you with its versatility of emotion and composition. The sound was tight on Saturday night and the audience grooved to euphonic's contagious rock star presence on stage. Euphonic carves a unique and exciting sound that is going places."


We have been played on WBCN. Call them at their phone number.


Can't get enough, well then, check out our press kit.